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Repair, Revitalize, and Restore Hair Loss

Hair Restoration with PRF at CARE Esthetics in Jupiter, FL.

At CARE Esthetics we strive to offer the best hair restoration Jupiter has to offer. PRF (Platelet-rich-fibrin) treatment is a non-surgical approach for men and women losing hair on their scalps or brows. For decades, PRF has been shown to be a much safer and more effective approach for repairing and revitalizing various human tissues when compared to PRP. In addition, new data supports PRF therapy as a potential method for promoting hair growth in hair restoration. PRF has been shown to increase hair count, hair thickness, and promote the growth phase of the hair cycle in a growing number of medical publications. Hair Restoration with PRF is a service provided by our team at CARE Esthetics at our flagship location with lead clinical researcher and developer, Dr. Richard Miron, to assist our patients in recovering with thicker, fuller hair. Find out more about this innovative and successful therapy by scheduling your consultation today.

What is the difference between PRP & PRF?

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is obtained by centrifuging blood at high speeds. The blood has two layers of red, white, and stem cells, with the heavier red, white, and stem cells sinking towards the bottom. Meanwhile, the lighter platelets and plasma are typically obtained from the upper layers using an anticoagulant-containing tube (chemical additives needed to obtain PRP). PRF (platelet-rich-fibrin), on the other hand, is the future.

It is created by centrifuging blood at a low speed, which causes the blood to be separated into layers that doesn’t require these chemical additives making it both safer and more effective for patients. This enables the collection of particular white cells, growth factors, stem cells, and platelets from a tube without an anticoagulant component. With these enhancements, PRF becomes a much more appealing therapy in hair restoration treatments with prolonged results.

How do PRF Injections work for Hair Loss?

​​The new growth of healthy hair is dependent on the condition of your hair follicles. Follicles exist only on the sustenance provided by the circulatory system of your body. Injections of PRF into the scalp results in the release of growth factors, which activate stem cells and other cells in the hair follicle's microenvironment, resulting in improved hair follicle development, increased circulation to the hair follicles, and reduced inflammation. These growth factors also activate dormant hair follicles into an active development phase, which is beneficial for hair growth.

What are the Benefits of PRF Hair Restoration Treatments?

A significant advantage of hair restoration with PRF treatments is that they employ your own tissues, making them very safe and offering absolutely no possibility of an allergic response occurring. This non-surgical technique needs no downtime and gives entirely natural-looking results. Your PRF treatment is intended to encourage hair restoration while also slowing the progression of future hair loss.

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Your PRF Hair Restoration Procedure

To separate the red and white blood cells from the component of the blood rich in platelets, your blood is extracted and spun down in a specialized centrifuge. Then, a topical numbing lotion is administered to the scalp before the PRF injection, making the treatment nearly painless. This plasma is triggered by injecting it into your extremely vascular scalp, and PRF contains over five times the platelets of whole blood. When platelets are activated, eight distinct growth factors are released, which help rebuild tissue and deliver fresh blood flow to the treated area and stimulate your hair growth cycle.

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PRF Hair Restoration Recovery & Results

Following your treatment, there is little to no downtime. Hair may be washed after the treatment, but hair products, dyeing, and extreme style should be avoided for one to two days.

Our Jupiter hair restoration with PRF patients may wish to bring a hat with them to wear after their treatment, particularly if they want to travel elsewhere before returning home. Within two to three months, you should start to notice some new growth. However, depending on your hair loss condition, a standard treatment plan consists of a series of two to three PRF treatments spaced approximately 4 weeks apart, followed by repeat treatments every six to twelve months. As with all PRF treatments, results will vary based on the individual.

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For hair regrowth, skin rejuvenation, healthy cell regeneration, and the treatment of several chronic conditions, CARE Esthetics employs platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) injections. It's possible that this potent treatment may help you with anything from hair loss and aging to injury and disease prevention. It is possible to set up a consultation for PRF Injections right now.

Hair Restoration with PRFFrequently Asked Questions

After your treatment, your scalp will be numb for around an hour, and you may experience tenderness and soreness for a couple of days on your scalp.

PRF treatments do not have the ability to regenerate hair from scratch. At the very least, there must be dormant hair follicles to treat. In addition, the scalp regions may require transplanted hair follicles if your alopecia is severe.

In around two weeks, you'll notice some new hairs and changes in hair texture and hair shaft thickness. However, you may have to wait up to six months to see the full results.

Your body recognizes its own platelets; therefore, the injections usually produce minor adverse effects. Bruising, swelling, and soreness are temporary side effects caused by the injection and often subside within a couple of hours after your treatment.

Patients with mild to moderate hair loss who wish to take control of their image and restore confidence in their appearance are the greatest candidates for PRF therapy. Androgenic alopecia, often known as hormone-related hair loss, may affect men and women of any age. Platelet-rich-fibrin (PRF) hair restoration seems to be the most effective treatment for this condition. However, hair loss caused by stress or autoimmune illnesses may not respond to PRF treatments.

Because PRF injections are considered cosmetic by nature, most health insurance companies do not cover them for hair restoration, despite being considered therapeutic.

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